Crossroads Marlborough Charitable Trust

“To empower the people of Blenheim through meaningful social connections, food security and proper housing”

We harvest, gather and rescue food in our local community. To sort and distribute to those in need

Crossroads Marlborough Charitable Trust Team


We make meals soups, daily in our Koha cafe. Wednesday night is our weekly community 2 course meal.



At our Urban Harvest food stand, the Harvest is available for the public.Gold coin donation.



We pass surplus food items on to organisations such as Te Piki Oranga, St Vincent De Paul’s, Marlborough Food Bank, Marlborough Youth Trust.

About Us

Crossroads prides itself on enabling social interactions and connections to be made without stigma or prejudice, thus eliminating social or physical isolation. We understand that social development means investing in people. It requires the removal of barriers so that all citizens can journey toward their dreams with confidence and dignity.  In this regard, we have a ‘come as you are’ policy; this means we never turn anyone away. We provide a shower, washing machine and dryer to those in need, and provide emergency food parcels to people in desperate need of food that night, while they await food parcels from the food bank the next day. 

We refuse to accept that people who live in poverty will always be impoverished; it is just a moment in their lives, it does not define them. By working together with other organisations and Marlborough residents, we hope people unhindered by red tape and paperwork will get back their dignity and ability to provide for themselves.

We help to enable the physical and emotional well-being in our communities, through such programmes as:

  • Daily breakfast and lunches
  • John’s Kitchen Wednesday night meals
  • Weekly ‘sit and be fit’ programme
  • Advocacy and Listening
  • Board Game Thursdays
  • Movie day Fridays
  • Monthly inclusion promotions i.e. Neighbours Day BBQ, Mother’s Day High Tea, Matariki meal, International Friendship Day Dinner.  All designed to bring people together, enabling connections to be made with fellow Marlborough residents.


Guys in the kitchen

Our History

Founded in 2000 by the Wesley Methodist Church in response to the homelessness witnessed around their church, John’s Kitchen was originally a soup kitchen named after the road it was on.  It provided a “no strings attached” hearty two-course dinner weekly on Wednesday nights.  Due to its need and relative success, John’s expanded to include our “Urban Harvest”. This is where local businesses, home gardeners and the community get together to donate bread, vegetables and fruit for people in need.  Crossroads Marlborough Charitable Trust, as we are now known, was established in 2008 following negotiations with the PHO to set up a low-cost medical clinic which subsequently fell through with the change of government that year. We, however, moved to more spacious premises at 2 Redwood Street.  This enabled the service to expand from the original soup kitchen to the community centre it is today. Under professional management, a dynamic team of enthusiastic volunteers runs our Koha Cafe, serving breakfasts and lunches daily. People choose how much they can donate, hence the use of Koha.
We have provided instant Aid and Refuge following the Seddon and Christchurch earthquakes.  Collectively, we have sent container loads of donated goods to Samoa and Vanuatu following cyclones.
Crossroads believes that Blenheim is an amazing place to live and wants everyone here to experience our lifestyle without the unseen stigma or boundaries that can occur. We are all capable of greatness and generosity.

Food Donations


  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Frozen and fresh meat
  • Dairy products
  • Eggs
  • Frozen food
  • Pre-packaged food in sealed, original packaging
  • Unserved food from catering
  • Bread and bakery products
  • Fruit juice and non alcoholic beverages

Non Receivable

  • Shellfish and high risk seafood
  • Raw chicken
  • Food that has decayed or spoiled
  • Food past its use by or expiry date
  • Catered food that has already been served to customers.
  • Scraps, peelings, leftovers.
  • Food in opened or damaged packaging

Goods Can Be Recieved On

Fresh produce. Monday-Thursday, 8.30am-1pm
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
Canned, frozen and dry goods. Monday-Friday 8.30am-1pm
  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Please phone Crossroads Marlborough (03) 578 5395
2 Redwood St, Blenheim
We may be able to send volunteers to pick up or harvest food if required.

Our Team

Lauren Dodson

Office Supervisor

Lauren comes from Parliament in Wellington. She moved to Blenheim at the end of 2018 with her fiance Harry. Originally from Nelson, Lauren has been to Blenheim multiple times over the years and is happy to now call it home. With a history in hospitality, administration, and advocacy. Lauren brings with her passion and experience.

Richard McDonald


Richard was raised on a small North Canterbury farm, and has worked in hospitality and tourism for most of his adult life. Richard has been involved in some interesting projects; Youth With A Mission training school and led a team in Phnom Phen  with a NGO called “Daughters of Cambodia” where he was actively involved in a training and employment skills program through their visitors cafe.

Richard lives in Blenheim with his wife Tettra and two children. 

Our Trustees

Yvonne Dasler
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Yvonne has a professional background in journalism and social work. Her service as a civil celebrant, gives her unique insights into what makes Marlborough tick.She spent a six year term on the Nelson/Marlborough PHO Ethics Committee, was a former trustee of the Marlborough Multicultural Council,also the Marlborough Volunteer Centre, and is a current trustee of the Blenheim Trust. She is a member of the Wesley Methodist Parish Council. Crossroads remains Yvonne’s passion. “When our community pulls together, amazing things happen — the best is YET to be!”
Stephen Vallance
Stephen VallanceChairperson
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“For most of my professional life, I worked mainly in the Public Health Service. When I retired in 2009, I welcomed the opportunity to become part of the recently formed Crossroads Marlborough Charity Trust, which had developed out of the highly regarded “John’s Kitchen”. There was no other local organisation which provided a safe, supporting community environment for those who struggle or are lonely in our society.It has been rewarding to be involved with the development of Crossroads and the channel for supporting the homeless into emergency housing ,and a new potential for assisting in equity health initiatives.”
Sue Parry
Sue worked for many years as a KG Teacher in the Middle East and unfortunately there were no local charities to support in the United Arab Emirates. She joined John’s Kitchen as a volunteer in 2010 and is still enjoying being part of Crossroads which does so much for our Marlborough community.
Peter Stubbs
Peter StubbsTRUSTEE
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Peter has been involved as a volunteer and trustee at Crossroads since the beginning. Being a legal professional, he has been able to assist with the change from a simple community kitchen being run from the Methodist church hall, to the charitable trust now registered and operating from its own premises.Peter now is semi-retired, and his wife Sandy is a nurse at the Blenheim hospital.Their three children work within NZ in their various professions. Peters interests are; painting, mountain biking, tennis, reading, occasional travel, church, politics and philosophy.
Chris Ham
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Retired Business owner Telecommunications Blenheim
Chris Furness
Chris FurnessTRUSTEE
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Pharmacist at UFS Pharmacy Blenheim

Contact Us

Call: 03 578 5395

2 Redwood Street

Registration Number: CC30875